“It’s difficult to find a good massage therapist and when you do, don’t let them out of your sight. I booked my next appointment because I’m committed to the continued work of self care and longevity. I’m worth it and so are you! Book an appointment NOW! You won’t regret it.” – Paul K.

“Michael is such a wonderful bodyworker. I love that he does home visits which is what I booked him for. I felt 100% comfortable with him in my home. He has a gift for understanding the human body and knowing exactly what you need.” – Fran G.

“Years later and I’m still a regular with Michael. If anything, the years have only made each session better, as he is familiar with where my stress typically resides and he can easily find the deep knots and work them out.” – Michael S.

“I truly believe that massage has kept me from having a second neck surgery. Michael is kind and attentive to my needs, always accommodating any current issues. I prefer a pretty deep tissue massage and Michael provides the appropriate pressure for me.” – David S.

“Michael is a MAGICIAN! Don’t hesitate to book an appointment. He knows your body better than you do and will leave you feeling on Cloud Nine.” – Rhonald A.

“Michael is super intuitive! I gave him a quick rundown of some past injuries and let him know I’m on my feet all day for my job. … He focused on the dense muscles that we’re giving me trouble and gave me more flow and relaxing on spaces that didn’t need a ton of attention.” – Sarah D.